Subject: Outdoor Art
Supplies: None
Recommended Time: Varied

Consider what type of materials you might like to create with, and figure out the best space to set up your color wheel.

Materials you will need:

  • Items of varied colors: Part of the fun is to decide what items you would like to use, for example: all fruits and veggies (lots of color options); or mixed up items including things like toys, game pieces, art pens, crayons, or pencils: or even things like colorful socks, etc.
  • Place to set up a color wheel: Ideally this surface should be fairly flat, and perhaps contained (in something like a tray, box, tub, etc.).
  • This simple art activity is a great way to spontaneously create some beautiful designs. It can be a group or individual project for a variety of ages.

A note on color theory: RED, YELLOW, and BLUE are the primary colors, then between them are ORANGE, GREEN, and VIOLET or PURPLE which are secondary colors. Third level, or tertiary colors, are between each one of those on both sides, for example, yellow/green, yellow/orange, blue/violet, red/violet, etc. You can find more details about the color wheel here.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Gather the pieces for your color wheel. You might find as you are gathering and beginning to set them up that you want to add more for a better visual story.
  2. Start placing them with RED, YELLOW, and BLUE as the anchors, with space in between for the secondary and tertiary colors.

It might be fun to do this as a family, or team up with your siblings, or even make several different color wheels and compare the variety of colors you can find when using different materials.


  • What ideas came to you while working?
  • How does your project inspire you?
  • Did you enjoy the process?