Subject: Birdhouse Collage
Supplies: See Below
Recommended Time: 1 Hour

Set-Up/Materials You Will Need:

  • Paper for the background
  • Assorted colored paper, magazine paper, scrap paper, wrapping paper (whatever you’d like to use)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Jar, lid, etc. or other item to trace a circle
  • A few q-tips (to apply glue)
  • Markers, colored pencils (for drawn-in details)
  • Optional: pipe cleaners or other household materials for added detail

Step-by-step Instructions:

Pick a paper for the overall birdhouse shape. Fold it in half, draw half the birdhouse, and then cut it out.

Glue your birdhouse onto the paper. Leave space below for the pole and space above for the sky.

Use another type(s) of paper to add the pole, base ledge, roof detail, and circular opening to your birdhouse.

  1. Use a circle shape to help draw and cut out the circular opening. Consider outlining it with another household object (like a pipe cleaner).
  2. Add a window on the birdhouse, if desired.
  3. Make it unique and interesting by using a variety of paper or materials.

Design your bird(s) with simple shapes like circles, half-circles, ovals (for the body, head, wings, and tails).

    1. Birds can be placed inside the birdhouse, on the roof, or flying in the sky.
    2. Details on the bird can be drawn in with marker or colored pencil (eyes, lines on wings and tail, etc.

See examples:

Add other background details as desired. Use interesting paper combinations; some can even be typed lettering from a magazine page. Possibilities are endless—use your imagination! See examples/ideas on the next page.

  • Flowers: Layer or overlap papers as desired.
  • Grass: Cut a horizontal strip, and then cut out various blade (long and thin) shapes
  • Trees: Paper can be crushed to make little clumps of leaves.
  • Clouds: Can be made with pink or white paper, or even drawn on with chalk.

How did your birdhouse turn out? Share a picture of your creation!