Subject: Drawing and Painting a Box Turtle
Recommended Time: 1 Hour

Set-Up/Materials You Will Need:

  • White paper (12×18 art paper or any paper you want to use – computer, construction – the sturdier, the better)
  • Pencil, pen, or colored pencil (for drawing)
  • Watercolor paint or food color (to use for paint), with brush or q-tip

Step-by-step Instructions:

As you are following along the guided drawing, remember that you can pause at any time to catch-up or refine your work.

Drawing the Turtle: Part 1

Drawing the Turtle: Part 2

Adding Details: Part 1

Adding Details: Part 2

Adding Details: Part 3

Coloring the Turtle​

If desired​, add color to your drawing. Otherwise, use pencil to shade the darker areas.

More of an environment can be drawn in the background, if desired. For more inspiration, search for other visual resources of the box turtle’s shell designs and habitat.

Did you color in your turtle? Be sure to share a picture with us; we’d love to see your work!