If this is your first time joining us for Bible lessons, start here for an introduction and instructions.

Subject: Family Bible Time
Supplies: Your Bible
Recommended Time: 30 Minutes

Greet each other with the call, “May the joy and peace of the Lord be with you,” followed by the response, “And also with you.”

Select a hymn to sing together (we encourage you to use an instrument if you or your children play). The hymn for this lesson is Hymn of Promise. You may sing along to the video below, or use the sheet music, found here, to lead the song yourself.

Watch the Bible lesson below and pause at the given times to tell back the story to each other.

Remember to close in prayer. Every person should get a turn praying.

We hope you grow, and enjoy this time together!

What were some of the thoughts that came up in your discussion? Share with us; we’d love to hear!