“I wanted to let you know what my child shared with me last night. She said: ‘Mom, I love Ambleside. The days go by so fast that a week seems to be like a day, whereas at [my old school] it was just the opposite, one week seemed like a month. We were given the assignment in math and given 2 hours to complete it, so a lot of us just sat around bored out of our minds. I am never bored at Ambleside. We have short sessions and we go through a lot of things. It keeps the interest and is probably why it goes so fast and we have so much fun.’ Thank you again for the school. My children are thriving.”
J.S., Parent
“Today I had a really good day. Nothing special happened at school, but it was just a good day. They pretty much all are. It is just happy without anything big and exciting happening. It is calm happy. At my old school there was a forced, stressed way of doing things that made me want to put things off, but at Ambleside I want to get things done because I can look forward to doing something creative when I complete my work.”
S.L., Student
“I want to stress how valuable I believe it is for my kids to be learning the habits emphasized at Ambleside. I was more concerned in the beginning that there would be enough challenge in different parts of their day. But I have come to see such value in the many different aspects of learning at Ambleside, including the teaching of the whole child, that I have relaxed. I am so thankful for the care that the teachers put into the children and the development of them as persons in Christ!”
T.R., Parent
“From the first day of school, I could tell Ambleside was going to be a different experience for my child. Normally his response to my question, “How was your day?”, would be “Boring” or “I have sooooo much homework.” But now when I ask “How was your day?”, his normal response is “Great!”, and he proceeds to tell me about the things he learned that day. He literally talks for about thirty minutes about what was discussed at school…very unusual for an eleven year old. His focus has shifted from merely getting a particular grade on a test, to simply learning….and he’s learning a ton!”
J.C., Parent

Ambleside Parent Comments

Ambleside parents were asked in a survey, “Has your family, or have you, been changed in any way by your time at Ambleside?”  This is what we heard: 
  • Our whole lives turned upside down — in a good way.
  • I have been encouraged as a parent to think more about my parenting, and to become more intentional in how I choose to parent.
  • I have always wanted school to be more than just tests, I wanted it to work on bringing the child up as a whole.
  • I think overall it has helped us as a family to slow down and focus on the things that are important. I have been challenged by our Monday group discussions in pondering different ideas put forth.
  • Increased diligence to serve up the best of reading and media material. We’re cautious already with “screen time” and want to up our diligence even further. Realizing kids these days really can be challenged to sit still and be disciplined has been encouraging.
  • Our family activities have increased in quality.
  • Family life has become peaceful. We are spending more time as a family reading and enjoying the bible.
  • The children are persons philosophy has had a tremendous impact on me personally. I have been guilty of treating my kids as products and am trying very hard to eliminate this and really treat them as persons and go through the process each time of are they ignorant, weak, or rebellious when determining how I will handle a certain situation and this has worked well. Also, the continued strive for good habits is starting to work and keeps me slow to anger and recognize good habits take time but I love the approach.
  • We were reminded that children need time to play :), Monday discussion club has been very valuable to me in terms of understanding philosophy
  • My daughter has developed in her reading and writing skills a lot this year.  Another daughter has developed in her people skills. I have enjoyed my time volunteering and seeing the heart all of the teachers, Principal and staff have for the children.
  • We are inspired to live out this philosophy as teachers, mentors and examples to our children.
  • Yes, it’s a much happier household and my son enjoys learning!
  • To highlight and inspire our children to enjoy and delight in discovering and learning to concepts & ideas.
  • As a family we have embraced a more simple way of life and have turned our focus to being less busy and enjoying our time together.
  • Our approach to discipline has changed. We love the support of habits in our children and approach them differently at home. We feel like we have support in the areas of less electronics, more free play, not rigidly scheduled children, which is a counter-cultural approach to raising children today.
  • You are teaching my son to love God and to love learning and that is enough.
  • Our family life is much more peaceful. We have a calmness regarding school now, instead of the anxiety that we felt in past years. I believe that my children are enjoying learning as a part of their lives.
  • We take more time to discuss at a deeper level. I think dinner conversation and casual conversation has been elevated. My son’s older brothers are also very complimentary about the education to which their brother is being exposed. This is a big deal for a little brother, that they notice the level of instruction he is challenged by.
  • Focus on habits. Less pressure on grades/ test scores.
  • This year I would say the word for our family is growth. Growth is not always fun. Growth is beneficial for a full and healthy life. It is amazing how growth effects children and parents differently. I am amazed that prior to Ambleside I did not think of growth for our family in the school arena. How silly of me. Thank you Charlotte Mason.
  • My sons are much more willing to work hard and are excited to learn. Some of the articles, or discussions (with my children, or with other parents and teachers) have made me want to view work in a more godly way.
  • The formation of habits were great to learn and understand its importance in a child’s life now and in the future.
  • Changed how we choose to spend our time, developed parents that read more and are intentional about forming habits.
Parent Experiences

“Nothing does more to give vitality and purpose to the work of the teacher than the certainty that the parents of his pupils go with him.”