Ambleside Colorado is a member of Ambleside Schools International, a growing network committed to developing Christ-centered schools around the world using Charlotte Mason’s pedogogy.

Ambleside Member Schools share a commitment to respect the personhood of children as creatures created in the image of God and to offer an environment in which care and love for children is the primary concern.

All Ambleside schools share a common curriculum which is annually reviewed and revised with input from each member school. Every Ambleside teacher receives initial training in the method through ASI, and then ongoing training at his or her home school.

If you know someone who would like the kind of education offered at Ambleside Colorado but who lives in a different metro area, please consider recommending one of the other Ambleside Schools.

Ambleside School is proud to partner with:

“…teach [the] child to be first without vanity, and to be last without bitterness…[so that] joy in his brother’s success takes the sting out of his own failure, and regret for his brother’s failure leaves no room for self-glorification.”