Every school classroom has a philosophy.  An educational philosophy answers the question, “Why do we do what we do?”

The philosophy you see playing out in a school classroom is based on one of these models:

  • Whatever each individual teacher wants to do
  • The vision of the head of school
  • OR a cohesive philosophy consistently applied, like Montessori, Waldorf, or a deeply Christ-centered philosophy of education in a Charlotte Mason school.

Parents should understand the philosophy behind their children’s education, because it affects everything that happens in the classroom.  And they should ask questions about how teachers are trained, because if they are not, then the philosophy will be ‘whatever each individual teacher wants to do’, and then the quality of education is fully dependent on which teacher you happen to get.  We invite you to learn about the consistent philosophy of education at Ambleside by reading these pages.

Philosophy & Values

“…whatever seed of thought or feeling you implant in a child…grows, completes itself, and begets after its kind…”

How We View Your Child

At Ambleside we do not view your child as incomplete or undeveloped, like so much clay for us to mold as we please, or as a product to be put through a system for improvement. …
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“The bracing atmosphere of truth and sincerity should be perceived in every school; and here again the common pursuit of knowledge by teacher and class comes to our aid and creates a current of fresh air perceptible even to the chance visitor, who sees the glow of intellectual life and the moral health on the faces of teachers and children alike.” (Charlotte Mason) …
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Habits are those patterns of behavior in our lives that have, through repetition, become ingrained and often unconscious routines. Good habits make our lives easier and better, bad ones make them worse and more difficult. …
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Living Ideas

At Ambleside, we believe that real education is much more than the assimilation of facts, figures and skills. It is rather a lifelong process of one’s mind feeding on ideas expressed through God’s creation, great works of art, music, science and other disciplines, and in “living books.” …
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Charlotte Mason

Ambleside School’s philosophy and methods are based upon the ideas of British author, philosopher and educator Charlotte Mason (1842-1923), who founded a teacher training college in Ambleside, England. …
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Foundational Convictions

Here is a summary of the foundational convictions you will find at Ambleside, our commitment to you as a parent. …
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